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Journey of the Galu’Chin

Join the playful and curious Galu’Chin on a fantastical adventure through the stars! 🚀✨

The Stardroll and the Glowing Crystals

Come discover the curious and playful Stardroll, a unique and fascinating species of alien creature. But beware of their connection to the mysterious glowing crystals!

Marcicians: A Tale of Interstellar Life

Join the explorers as they uncover the secrets of the Marcicians, an alien race with glowing blue eyes, a thick scaly hide, and the power to transform worlds. Discover a story of intrigue, danger, and the fate of the galaxy

Spiral minds

Discover the Spirhelici, the ultimate environmental engineers of the galaxy! Read “Spiral Minds”, a sci-fi story about an insectoid species that specializes in terraforming and environmental engineering

The Yarnax Weavers of Eridanus

The Yarnax, known for their shaggy orange and teal fur, have a rich history of weaving. Visitors from across the galaxy come to marvel at their creations, but when strangers arrive claiming to be researchers, tensions rise.

The Legend of the Sandhorn

Discover the amazing world of the Sandhorns, small, sturdy creatures uniquely adapted to survive in one of the galaxy’s harshest environments.

The Zyrrax Enigma

Deep in the heart of the Zyrraxian desert, a family of Zyrrax lived a simple life. They spent their days hunting for food and sheltering from the intense heat of… Read More »The Zyrrax Enigma