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The Lintaros’ Whisper in the Shadows

Dive into the captivating world of Obscuria, home to the intelligent and mysterious Lintaros. A tale of love, loss, and the power of family awaits you.

Depths of A’vylaris: The Luminous Odyssey

Dive into the mesmerizing depths of A’vylaris! Explore a world of bioluminescent wonders and follow the journey of an intelligent aquatic species on the cusp of a new era.

The Flooxif Woodland Shaman

The Flooxif Woodland Shaman restores balance to the forest and protects its creatures with the help of the spirits of the natural world.

Emberscale: The Lava Serpent’s Tale

Discover the heartwarming tale of Emberscale, a lava-dwelling serpent, and Kira, the girl who befriends it. Join them on a thrilling journey full of adventure, magic, and an unbreakable bond. 🐍🔥👧🏻✨

Ironhorn and the Unbreakable Bond

Discover the inspiring tale of Varn, Azura, and their unbreakable bond with their Ironhorn exoskeletons – A story of courage, friendship, and the true meaning of heroism in a world of powerful exoskeletons and the tiny creatures who pilot them. #AiLiens #kyleobyte #ChatGPT #midjourney #midjourney5 #GPT4 #aiart #aistory

Glissaria and the Prismatique

Glissaria and the Prismatique,” where Lumin, Nimbus, and Sparkle, three brave Glissaria, embark on a journey to save their world from darkness. #AiLiens #kyleobyte #ChatGPT #midjourney #midjourney5 #GPT4 #aiart #aistory

The Dance of the Celestial Scales

Discover the beauty of love and the power of destiny in “The Dance of the Celestial Scales,” an emotional journey of two massive winged reptilian creatures finding their destined mates.

The Adventures of the Bumblepuffs

Embark on an enchanting journey with the Bumblepuff family in “The Adventures of the Bumblepuffs,” a heartwarming tale of courage, compassion, and the power of unity. #AiLiens #kyleobyte #ChatGPT #midjourney #midjourney5 #GPT4 #aiart #aistory

Echoes of the Nectarbound

Uncover the enthralling story of the Nectarbound and the oasis planet of Zaphyria in my latest short tale, “Echoes of the Nectarbound.”

Whispers of the Crystaspora

Uncover the mysteries of the Crystaspora in my latest story, “Whispers of the Crystaspora.” #AiLiens #kyleobyte #ChatGPT midjourney midjourney5 #GPT-4 #aiart #aistory