Blizzard reveals Moria and Blizzard World Map

BlizzCon 2017 is done and dusted, and boy did we get some awesome announcements.

We got a preview of the new hybrid map Blizzard World an incredible theme park that pays homage to a Myriad of Blizzard games including World of Warcraft, Starcraft and Hearthstone. With he new map, come a tonne of cross franchise skins like Nova (Starcraft) Widowmaker and Magni Bronzebeard (WoW) Torbjorn.

We also got a look at our new hero Moira.

Moira is an Irish geneticist, who is affiliated with Talon after leaving the rogue Overwatch group Blackwatch. She is described as ‘Equal parts brilliant and controversial’ and works on the cutting edge of genetic engineering.

In game, Moira is classed as a support and ‘Papa’ Jeff Kaplan says she’s a tonne of fun. she’s something the community has been calling for – an evil healer.

Ok. Well evil might be a touch too far but clad in dark robes with purple accents she resembles a dark and powerful David Bowie.

Her abilities include:

Biotic Grasp: This ability comes in two forms. From Moira’s left hand fires a conical AOE heal with lingering healing over time. This feels very similar to Mei’s primary fire with a little more range and surprisingly, can heal multiple targets at once. This healing is capped by a resource meter that drains quickly and requires refilling via her secondary fire.

Healing stats from biotic grasp are 50 hp/sec + 50 hp HoT/3 seconds on multiple targets

From her right hand, Moira fires a long range (currently 20m) lock on beam, that slowly drains enemy health and fills up her healing resource meter. This feels a little like Symmetra’s beam, but has much less damage, and a much softer lock on.

Damage stats from biotic grasp are 50 hp/sec

Biotic Orb: A bouncy orb that ricochets off walls and has tendrils that reach out to players. These orbs can be made to either heal allies or damage enemies and both types of orb can heal/damage multiple players at once and bypass barriers although can’t heal/damage through barriers.

Healing stats from biotic orb are 50 hp/sec up to max 300hp.

Damage stats from biotic orb are 33.3 hp/sec up to max 200hp.

The cooldown for biotic orb is 10 sec

Fade: Moria can become invincible and invisible for a second and also gains a tonne of speed. You can use this to dodge an ult or reposition yourself when in danger. In practice it feels like a cross between Reaper’s Wraith Form and Tracer’s blink and is on an extremely short cool down, giving Moira incredible mobility and survivability.

The cooldown for fade is 6 sec.

The duration for fade is 0.8 sec / 15m.

Coalescence (Ultimate): For her ultimate, Moira channels a 30m long beam that heals allies AND damages enemies at the same time and bypasses barriers

Healing stats for Coalescence are 140 hp/sec

Damage stats for Coalescence are 70 hp/sec

(All stats are from the current PTR build and may change before she goes live)

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