Halloween hits Overwatch and Junkenstein’s out for revenge.

There’s a spooky new update out now for Overwatch to help celebrate Halloween, and with it, is Blizzards first foray into PVE content in Overwatch.

The new seasonal brawl “Junkenstein’s Revenge” is a relatively short PVE mission, and pits four players against a horde of AI Zomnics trying to blow up the doors of a slightly modified Eichenwalde Castle and boy does it get difficult.

You play as either The Archer (Hanzo), The Alchemist (Ana), The Soldier (Soldier:76) or The Gunslinger (McCree) and the brawl includes mini-boss battles throughout, including Junkenstein  (Junkrat) himself, The Reaper (Reaper) and Junkenstein’s Creation (Roadhog). 

With over 100 new collectibles like the Witch Mercy skin, a hilarious highlight intro where Mei gets jump-scared and a tombstone victory pose for every hero, it’s worth saving up your gold because Blizzard have made a little change to sate the community who were pretty salty after missing out on some of the Summer Games loot. 

While the Halloween event is running you’ll be able to buy most of the cosmetic items with gold! 

Also in the update was a terrifying re-skin of the Hollywood map. It’s now nighttime, and feels really fresh for a map we’ve played for months. 

Along with the Halloween Terror update, a number of balance changes (like Widowmaker’s scope animation buff and Ana’s ult charge nerf) have also been put into the mix.

So, get playing Girls/Guys, let me know in the comments if you’ve beaten hard mode yet! 


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