October Overwatch Developer Update

Today we were treated to a Developer update from Blizzard’s Jeff Kaplan, to just have a chat to the community about where things are at with Overwatch and what’s on the horizon.

There was a little bit of background information on the balance changes that are currently on the PTR for testing, as well as going into a little more detail as to what’s happening with the all-too-situational, Symmetra. For now it seems the dev team have ruled out just simple number changes with her, opting for more of a play-style change that could even see her shifted out of her ‘support’ role. These kind of re-designs take time to perfect, and Jeff was clear in saying that we’re not likely to see much about Symmetra’s changes until mid-November at the earliest.

 [One new hero] will see the light of day sooner rather than later.

– Jeff Kaplan

Jeff confirmed that they’re actively working on new heroes and there’s one that’s “very far along” and “should see the light of day” soon. A second hero prototype is in play-test now with the devs using placeholder character models and effects and is apparently a lot of fun.

We also got an update on some upcoming maps with one “very cool” map for the existing game modes almost ready for showcasing, one in prototype and several super experimental maps for new game modes being worked on as well. Jeff also spoke of the challenges they’re facing balancing the maps for every hero, and re-iterated the mantra of not wanting any hero to feel useless.

There were also several quality-of-life changes, ui changes, and E-sports focussed spectator mode updates that should make things a whole lot easier to watch.

Watch the Developer update video on YouTube.

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