iPhone iPhone, everywhere.

Hoorah! It’s that time of year again and Apple have announced the iPhone 7 with the usual fanfare.

Bleary eyed Aussies awoke to the news of a new iPhone that does everything their current one can do, and a little more.

 But this one comes in Black-Black!

– Unknown

With the Samsung staple, water resistance, a haptic feedback home button and a bunch of new chips running it, the iPhone 7 will be a crowd-pleaser, but not a game changer.

Unless headphones are your game.

Apple has removed the headphone jack in the iPhone 7, and to ease you into life without it, they’re putting an adaptor in the box.

I feel like they’re playing a long term game here. They want to remove this ancient jack so their technology can be thinner, faster, more  ______  (inset your own Applejective here) – but the general populous isn’t quite ready yet, so the adaptor feel like a last minute compromise with the PR team.  

All that aside, this is a nice clean iteration of the iPhone






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