Massive balance changes for Overwatch live on PTR

With an epic ARG running to find details of the newest character, announcements of new maps and emotes – It’s easy to miss the massive changes to the character balancing that Blizzard are testing right now on the PTR server.

On top of this list of changes, Blizzard have also reverted a previous change to projectiles that meant hero’s like Mei and Pharah were struggling to land their projectiles.

Here’s a breakdown of the changes to your favourite/most-hated heroes.

Mei – Buffed

Blizzard ULT now has a 10m radius instead of 8m. Essentially it covers an area the size of most capture points in the game. The initial projectile for Blizzard can also go through barriers now.

Hanzo – Buffed

Hanzo gets a 10% increase to speed while aiming as well as a 30% increase to the speed of his charged up arrows.

Mercy – Buffed

Mercy’s healing beam will now regen 20% more HP every second and a slight change to resurrect that allows revived players to move after 2.25 seconds. This was three seconds previously, and meant that the other team could often set up to kill multiple players on res.

D.Va – Nerfed’s defence matrix got a massive change in the last round of balances and while I’ve called this a nerf, it’s really more of a refinement. The defence matrix now has a 1 second delay before it starts regenerating. This matches the cooldown of the ability,

Zenyatta – Nuffed

Discord orb will now amplify the incoming damage by 30% instead of 50%. This is as much a nerf Zen as well as a buff Mercy. Her alt-fire damage boost is set to 30% as well but it’s essentially a single target ability where discord helps the whole team at once.

Zenyatta’s primary fire has been buffed to do more damage. It’s now 46 damage instead of 40.

McCree – Nerfed

McCree’s ultimate ‘Deadeye’ now drains almost instantly. Previously if you cancelled the ult without taking a shot you’d retain 50% ult charge. Now if it’s cancelled you’ll need to start from 0%.

Genji – Nerfed

There are multiple small changes to Genji’s that add up to a pretty hefty nerf. Genji’s double jump no longer resets after a wall climb, his dash doesn’t bypass junkrat traps or widow mines and his ultimate duration is now 6 seconds instead of 8. On top of this the punch-dash-shuriken combo has been effectively removed as the melee animation is no longer cancelled by the dash.

Lúcio – Nerfed

The speed boost provided by Lucio’s ‘Amp it up’ ability has been nerfed by 30% to a 70% boost to speed.

Roadhog – Bug-fix

If you land a hook, as the subject is moving out of sight (eg:behind cover) they will now be teleported bac to where they were when you hit them ad reeled in properly. This one’s more of a bug-fix.

Individually, these are some pretty decent changes, and pretty much all of them make sense. But I’m guessing these will add up some pretty big changes in game. Let me know what you think.

– Kyleobyte

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